Welcome to Villa 18

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Gate: 1758A
Secured key box: 0802

Thank you for choosing WEHO for your vacation. Wether you are here to have fun and visit or to get away from it all, we are committed to make your stay enjoyable. You will find hereafter informations you might need, as well as some details you might find useful.

Before checking out

The villa should be vacated before 10 a.m. We take care of almost everything. All you have to do is :​

• Wash and put away dishes and other kitchen utensils.

• Empty and dispose of any garbage in the villa (kitchen, bathrooms …)

Roughly clean the bbq/plancha.

• If items (objects/furnitures) have been moved, they must be returned to the place they were when you arrived in the villa.

• Food and drinks must be removed from the refrigerator and cupboards.

• Cleaning fee is included in the rental price. However, if the villa is returned very dirty, it could be increased.

House Rules

In order for your stay to be as pleasant as possible, please read the rules of our house.

• Villa 18 is non-smoking inside, but ashtrays are available for smoking outside.

• Villa 18 is located near a tourist residence, please take care of the peace and quiet of your neighbors, especially in the evening.

• Please, do not start the pyrolysis function of the oven. Racks are not pyrolysable and could be damaged. 

The pool

Please do not use the bath towels provided for the pool.

• Heating system: In the low season, we recommend that you cover the pool when it is not in use, so that the water temperature does not cool down and you can enjoy the pool to the fullest.

• Pool games: Inflatables and other toys are available in the chest near the pool. Please restrict their use to the pool area. Before you leave, we ask you to deflate the inflatables and put them back in the chest with the rest of the accessories.

• Cleaning: Patrice will come by during the week to maintain the pool. We leave a leaf skimmer at your disposal for the small daily maintenance (leaves or insects on the surface).

• Pool Towels: We do not provide pool towels, but we do offer them for rent at a rate of 8€/day and per towel (if renewed, 8€ extra).


Access to the bedrooms is limited to my owners.

• The villa is pet-friendly, however, we do not allow dogs and cats on beds or sofas.

• Please, remember to take your pets out of the property regularly. If an accident were to happen, please clean up the area and throw away anything they might have left behind.

• Pets should not be left alone in the property so that they do not cause trouble or disturb the quietness of the neighbors. 


Procedure for the proper management of air conditioners.

• In order for the A/C to work properly, all remote controls, in each room of the villa must be set on the same mode: Cold or Hot. If one device is set on a different mode than the others, none will function.

Please note: Close all doors and windows when turning on the A/C. The difference in temperature causes condensation to form, which can damage the walls under the grids and prevent the A/C from working properly.
In the event of a breakdown caused by open windows or doors, we would charge you for the technician’s fee and the repair of the damaged appliance.

Useful informations

Electrical panel, lighting and waste bins...

• The electrical panel:
– The first electrical panel is behind the mirror near the front door.
– The second one is behind the mirror in the gym. 

• Outdoor lightning: The outdoor and the pool lighting are timed. The lights are switched on and off automatically. The timings may vary between seasons, depending on the hours of sunlight. 

• Location:
– GPS coordinates: 41,55004°N; 9,26642°E
– Address: 17 QUARTIER PISCIAVECCHIA, 20137 Porto-Vecchio. 

• To throw away your waste:
Pink location of the garbage containers. Take the road by which you got to the villa. You have to pass the little church on your left, the containers will be on your right, just a few meters away. 

Some good places

• Les Restaurants de l’hôtel Belvédère: Route de Palombaggia – The hotel of the same name has 3 restaurants. The gastronomic one, choose between three menus elaborated on the basis of fresh local and seasonal products. The Brocherie Mari & Tarra (our favorite) where you can taste local meat or the catch of the day. Le Langoustier which, as its name indicates, offers two menus based on lobster.
00 33 4 95 70 54 16

• Fraschetta Nini: Nestled in the heart of the residence Les hauts de Santa Giulia, on the heights facing the bay of Santa Giulia, fresh products only, Mediterranean cuisine. A carte blanche menu renewed according to the products of the day. 
00 33 4 95 70 40 84

• Playa Baggia: Plage de Palombaggia – Mediterranean cuisine with your feet in the sand, at the table or on the deckchairs (at noon) – Lunch salads, grilled meat or fish – Lunch & Evening – Boat service. 
– 00 33 6 23 43 27 63 (Restaurant)
– 00 33 6 64 27 26 03 (deckchairs)

• Linda Beach: Palombaggia, Capu d’Acciaghju. Mediterranean cuisine, exceptional location – Deckchair rental – Lunch & Evening meals.
00 33 6 52 53 42 43

• Costa Marina: Palombaggia, Pizzas and grilled meat or fish cooked over a wood fire, all in a rustic setting with a breathtaking view of the sea.
00 33 4 95 70 36 57

• L’Emporium (Lecci): Saint-Cyprien – Refined cuisine, menu renewed with the seasons. A chef who has worked in the best restaurants in France (Guy Savoy, Georges V…) Exceptional value for money.
00 33 4 95 73 05 86

• Cabanon Bleu: Baie de St Cyprien – Lunch & Evening Service – « Cantine chic » for lunch, plus « Gastro » for dinner – Salads, meat or fish.
00 33 6 11 69 00 56

• Le Tiki – Chez Marco: Baie de St Cyprien – Casual chic atmosphere, Mediterranean cuisine, wood-fired pizza.
00 33 6 16 56 73 60 

• A Casa Corsa: Restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere with terrace and view on the port, proposing many dishes mixing smartly the Corsican cooking and the contemporary cooking.
00 33 4 95 20 38 87

Le Parvis: Haute ville – In the heart of the city, a contemporary café with a cozy atmosphere, offering a quality cuisine between tradition and modernity, based on fresh and homemade products.
00 33 4 95 26 29 52

• Via Mare: Port de plaisance (Marina) – Located on the marina, Via Mare offers Mediterranean cuisine. Corsican recipes of yesteryear and more modern dishes, highlighting local products. Authentic, convivial and greedy.
00 33 4 95 71 81 06

• Terramea: Route de Palombaggia – A contemporary place, a terrace with exceptional view on the bay of Porto-Vecchio. Refined Mediterranean cuisine.
00 33 4 95 50 03 94

• Le Figuier: Trinité de Porto Vecchio – Pizzas & grilled meat on wood fire, fresh pasta, tasty and elaborate starters. Every day a new suggestion. In a rustic and warm decor.
00 33 4 95 72 08 78

• Le Rouf: Small port of Pinarello – Kitchen mainly around the fishing of the day, lobsters and fresh and quality products. View on the gulf of Pinarello, and on the Genoa tower.
00 33 4 95 71 50 48

• Stella D’Oro: Rue Doria, Bonifacio – Family and tasty cuisine with a focus on local products. The recipes are passed on from generation to generation. Taste their home-made specialities : fresh pasta in the oven, stuffed mussels or eggplant a la Bonifacienne… A treat !
00 33 4 95 73 03 63

• La Caravelle: La Caravelle restaurant welcomes you to the waterfront on one of the most beautiful shaded terraces in the port. Lobsters and freshly caught fish, seafood, shellfish, carpaccio from local fisheries, oyster bar, local specialties… Chef Anthony Bourguignon puts all his creativity at the service of an authentic and modern Mediterranean cuisine.The ideal place to meet with friends or to enjoy a romantic moment.
00 33 6 87 99 58 95

• Chez Ange: Mediterranean cuisine and snack corner – Lunch & Evening service – You can eat there (almost) with your feet in the water!
00 33 4 95 70 07 08

• A Pignata: Farmhouse in an exceptional setting, traditional family cooking with local products. Unique menu renewed every day. Home-made « charcuterie ». 
00 33 4 95 78 41 90

• Othello: Haute ville de Porto Vecchio – Nestled in one of the five bastions of the citadel, the Othello invites you on its panoramic terrace. Cocktails, absinthe wines and tapas to be enjoyed in a retro-contemporary decor with a view of the sea.
00 33 6 03 43 14 95

• B52: Port de plaisance de Bonifacio – A lounge bar during the day that turns into a festive and trendy place at night. On the port of Bonifacio, the resident and international DJs ignite the evenings of Corsica’s extreme south and have made the B52 a must for those who love to party.
00 33 6 32 82 18 69

- Useful telephone numbers -

• Nearest Hospital: Clinique de l’ospedale, Rue Dr Jourdan, 20137 Porto Vecchio.
00 33 4 95 73 80 00

• General practitioner: : Dr Chiarelli or Dr Tafani, Rond-point d’Arca, la Rocade, Porto-Vecchio.
00 33 4 95 70 34 44

• Dentist: Dr Palmier, Centre médical Les Albizzias, Ave Général de Boissoudy, 20137 Porto Vecchio.
00 33 4 95 52 05 33

• Pharmacy : Paolini, Rond-point d’Arca, la Rocade, Porto-Vecchio.
00 33 4 95 21 58 48

• Closest Bat: Clinique vétérinaire du Soleil, Av. Georges Pompidou, Porto Vecchio.
00 33 4 95 10 47 96

• Ò Dumè: Professional car service, download the app.
00 33 4 20 20 30 32

• Taxi Ciabrini: Taxi and professional car service.
00 33 6 86 73 97 80


• Boat rental: Sun Ship – Port de Porto Vecchio – Location de semi-rigides.
– 00 33 4 95 72 18 34
– or 00 33 6 09 20 00 66

• Absolute Yacht : Port de Porto Vecchio – Yacht/Boat/Catamarans rental with or without skipper.
00 33 6 83 59 28 04

• Horse Riding: Ranch Campo- Palombaggia – Horseback riding in the « Maquis » or on the beach.
00 33 4 95 70 13 27

• Jet-Ski : Botti Racing – Porto Vecchio or Palombaggia. Self-guided rental or Jet Ski excursion.
00 33 6 28 96 56 65

• Scuba diving: Kalliste Plongée – Plage de Palombaggia. Dive in the Cerbicale Islands.
00 33 6 35 29 35 71

• Mountain bike rental: Isulabike – Rent road bikes, mountain bikes or electric bikes.
 00 33 7 78 70 09 67 

• Sainte-Lucie de Porto-Vecchio: Producers, craftsmen, textiles – Communal cultural space. Every Monday from 8am to 1pm.

• Lecci: Producers, craftsmen, textiles – Tourist office’s parking. Every Wednesday from 8am to 1pm.  

• Porto-Vecchio: 
– Food, producers: Place Henri Giraud (upper town). Every Sunday, from 7am to 1pm.
– Textile: Parking Marine P2 – 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month, from 8am to 1pm. 

• Bonifacio: All Products – Loggia de l’arsenal (upper town). Every Tuesday from 8am to 1pm. 



The whole team wishes you a very pleasant stay

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